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A military abbreviation for agents—Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear—that may be used or to which military personnel may be exposed in non-conventional warfare
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Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a former commanding officer at the UK's Joint Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Regiment, told the BBC's Today programme that the footage was "horrific" and agreed that it would be "very difficult to stage-manage".
JACKS (Joint Acquisition Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Knowledge System) is a website that will provide you with a wide range of information on almost all CBRN equipment.
Eventually, the organization will answer to Forces Command, at Fort McPherson, Ga., and it will undergo a name change to the Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear High Yield Explosive (CBRNE) command, he said.
If you can 't find what you want or you don't have access to the Internet, call the Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Equipment Hotline at 1-800-831-4408 or email ceh@ria.army.mil
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