Chemical Abstracts Service

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Chem·i·cal Ab·stracts Ser·vice

(CAS) (kem'i-kăl ab'strakts sĕr'vis)
This service assigns a unique CAS number to each chemical for identification and also provides a physical and chemical description of the chemical.
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SciFinder, a resource from the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), is a curated database of chemical and bibliographic information that covers several scientific and biomedical fields, with an emphasis on chemistry.
Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) - provision of valuable indexing a division of The American and abstract service Chemical Society - bibliographic citation for journal articles selected for USA inclusion in CAS products and providing pointers to the original article - In 2008, 15 articles out of nearly 40 published were indexed 4.
Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) has registered the 100 millionth chemical substance in the CAS REGISTRY, in the 50th anniversary year of the world's largest database of unique chemical substances
Robert Massie, former president of Chemical Abstracts Service; Matthew Cockerill, general manager of BioMed Central; and I share something in common this issue.
Additionally, the new web tool allows searches by chemical name or Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) number, use, hazard effect, or regulatory action.
He suggested that consideration be given to revamping the structure of that section of the website, since drug-oriented fields, such as Chemical Abstracts Service numbers and chemical structures are often not appropriate to describe botanical products.
Drawing information from flavor and fragrance suppliers, industry and government organizations, and related texts, this alphabetical guide lists materials, synonyms, and products, including Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA), Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), Council of Europe (CoE), natural status, and supplier information.
Three files produced by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)--CA Search (the Chemical Abstracts file), ChemSearch (a CAS-produced registry file), and Chemical Industry Notes (CIN)--were removed from ProQuest Dialog in October 2012.
Chemical Abstracts Service, a subsidiary of the American Chemical Society, has signed a long-term collaboration with InfoChem, GmbH, a company involved in chemical structure and reaction technology and data-mining in chemical science documents, headquartered in Munich, Germany.
* Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) registry number and name

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