An ad hoc term for the consolidated haematology and chemistry departments in hospital labs, due to the extensive automation in each section
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He explains one of those approaches; "We have combined the Chemistry and Hematology departments into one, now called Chematology. The Chematology Lab is a blend of highly trained technologists who perform tasks in both Hematology and Chemistry.
Some members of Chematology have also cross-trained in flow cytometry, biochemical genetics, and molecular diagnostics.
Paraproteins are common interferents in routine chematology assays.
The laboratory automation trend spawned by the Japanese, in which chemistry and hematology instruments are clustered compactly around a belt line in an open laboratory space, has become a miniaturized norm for the already small "rapid response lab." Hematology and chemistry instruments coexist side by side in a "chematology" environment.