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word element [Gr.], chemical; chemistry.


, chem- (kē'mō, kem), Do not confuse this combining form with cheno- or kino-.
[G. chēmeia, alchemy]


, chem-
Combining forms denoting chemistry.
Combining forms denoting chemistry.
[G. chēmeia, alchemy]


, chemi-, chem- [Gr. chēmia, alchemy]
Prefixes meaning chemical, chemistry.
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Under the partnership with LG Chem, Daejoo has manufactured the world's first aluminum battery pack case for electric vehicles.
Noted Robert Becker, chairman of Fitz Chem, "Continuity was extremely important to our Fitz Chem management team.
Based in the US, Fitz Chem Corporation is a specialty chemical distributor, with over USD60m in revenue, focused on the coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomer (CASE) markets, as well as the plastics and personal care markets.
An LG Chem official said, The results of a series of tests by SWRO showed that LG Chems filters excel in eliminating salt and boron from seawater.
Above all, LG Chem has bagged a series of large-scale deals in the Middle East, Europe and North America in just 8 months since the opening of its first water treatment filter production line at the Cheongju plant.
Trust Chem offers a large variety of color indexes.
Although Tata Chem had a moderate adjusted gearing (net worth adjusted for amortisation of goodwill over a period of ten years) of 1.
LG Chem is waiting for the right timing for the announcements," Kim said.
The chemical engineering department has administrative responsibility for the Eng Chem program, but it is offered jointly by the departments of chemistry and chemical engineering.
Volume 7 had more than its share of coverage, and readers interested in the topics of concern of the day are directed to Clin Chem 1961;7:75-91;303-7;421-2 for a comprehensive overview.
Eric Chiang, Chairman of CHEM added, We see a significant market opportunity for methanol fuel cell backup power solutions in numerous geographic markets.
ORG CHEM is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr.