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Reginald Crundall, English geneticist, 1875-1967.
Punnett square - a grid used in genetics. Synonym(s): checkerboard
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"Checkerboarding" is not a novel idea; rather, it dates back to early dealings between the United States and the native tribes as the nation outgrew its westward colonial boundaries and settled around the pockets of land occupied by the tribes.
It can be inferred from the location and the timing of these instruments that the federal government recognized and intended to create pockets of alternating tribal and state jurisdictions in the newly-settled territories of the "wild west." It is as if "checkerboarding" was a forethought that was insignificant in comparison to the value of opening the lands to others and diminishing tribal identity.
Additionally, nothing was done to discourage the likelihood of checkerboarding during the period between when the perpetual trusts of the Dawes Act were established in 1934 and the present.
(99) Unlike the Dawes Act, where the government assumed that the resultant checkerboarding would fade as fees were patented in the Indian landholder, these land trusts are established indefinitely.
(104) Nonetheless, the checkerboarding spirit of the Dawes Act endures today.
As it stands today, section 12 of the New York Executive Law exemplifies both the federal acceptance of small and separate Indian territories within the larger state municipalities and the State of New York's enthusiasm to allow this checkerboarding generally when there stands to be economic gain.