Chaussier's areola

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 [ah-re´o-lah] (pl. are´olae) (L.)
1. a narrow zone surrounding a central area, e.g., the darkened area surrounding the nipple of the mammary gland.
2. any minute space or interstice in a tissue.
Chaussier's areola the indurated area encircling a malignant pustule.
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Chaussier’s areola

An obsolete term that formerly dignified the indurated border surrounding a malignant anthracic pustule.
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(a-re'o-la) plural.areolae, areolas [L. areola, a small space]
1. A small space or cavity in a tissue.
2. A circular area of different pigmentation, as around a wheal, around the nipple of the breast, or the part of the iris around the pupil. areolar (-lar), adjective

Chaussier's areola

See: Chaussier's areola

areola mammae

The pigmented area surrounding the nipple. Synonym: areola papillaris

areola papillaris

Areola mammae.

second areola

A pigmented area surrounding the areola mammae during pregnancy.

areola umbilicalis

A pigmented area surrounding the umbilicus.
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