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A mutant Drosophila melanogaster gene that affects females, resulting in extraordinarily strong rejection behaviour against courting males
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she insists on a few common denominators: "I choose programmes that work from the concept that young people really can be chaste, and that this isn't just one of a number of options.
The book reveals a seminary underworld where sexual harassment and homosexual promiscuity are commonplace, and where the chaste seminarian is marginalized and submitted to intrusive and debasing psychological evaluations.
And Machiavelli's surely deliberate echoes of both Livy's and Ovid's account of Lucretia's rape as well as of a Boccaccian novella about fooling a chaste wife into accepting a persistant lover (3.
Grim stuff, perhaps, but on the plus side, Foyle's plucky driver Sam (Honeysuckle Weeks) gets lucky - in a chaste, '40s ki course.
Antier carefully sketches the nuances of this chaste but fervent relationship.
In the course of the nineteenth century, however, enobling references to the chaste widow of Bethulia largely disappeared from the arenas of war and political rhetoric whilst the negative connotations of the Judith legend came to the fore.
Roger Bowdler engagingly traces the chaste Neo-Classical tomb (though not those designed by Soane, which appear as catalogue entries) now vanishing fast in rundown burial grounds and churchyards under the twin attacks of atmospheric pollution and vandalism.
And although the outcome of their chaste, hothouse affair is hardly conventional, they do much to make one another bloom.
The very formal but chaste semi-circle was cut into the hill as the main entrance to the Cemetery.
Guy focuses on Erasmus's quip that More "chose to be a chaste husband rather than a lewd priest.
The obligation to preach and practice poverty was restricted to a carefully selected and trained group of men who, like mendicant friars, were also chaste, recited prayers at fixed times during the day, and lived under obedience (the younger to the older master when traveling in pairs on the preaching circuits; all to the four governors elected in their annual synod/chapter).
None of this tiresome triteness is of course by the architects, whose essentially chaste and dignified spaces could have been the setting of much finer and more informative displays which might have had some real resonance with the awesome nature of the works the place is supposed to explain.