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A regional term for LSD
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PROUD Philippa Groves has just finished writing her first book, Chasing Rainbows
Slower tunes like Devil In Your Shoes and Ocean Pie sounded a bit dreary but the dancey Disco Down livened up the show, as well as old favourites Chasing Rainbows and Going For Gold.
Don't blame the teachers for problems that stem from chasing rainbows.
The band has had 13 top-40 hits including Chasing Rainbows and Speakeasy, which was used in a long- running radio advert for mobile phones.
A lot will depend on the draw, however, and predicting the advantage at this stage is tantamount to chasing rainbows.
I close with a song sung by the late, great, Judy Garland, NASA's new theme song, ``I Am Always Chasing Rainbows.
Hijinx's latest touring production, Chasing Rainbows, a new play by Glenys Evans, will be staged at the WMC as part of the Unity Festival.
Rick Witter and crew (pictured) will be playing all their hits, including Chasing Rainbows, Disco Down and Going For Gold, at the University of Teesside on Wednesday night.
But as unfashionable as they were, it's easy to forget how popular the band were in the 90s when they wrote Britpop classics like Going For Gold, Chasing Rainbows and Speakeasy.
He's schooled very well, and the way he goes ought to tell us if we're chasing rainbows with his Triumph Hurdle entry.
WITH hits like Going For Gold and Chasing Rainbows, the lads from York have a loyal Scots fanbase.