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In dentistry, the procedure of locating and delineating the contour and position of the abutment teeth and associated structures before designing a removable partial denture.


In dentistry, procedure of locating and delineating contour and position of abutment teeth and associated structures before designing a removable partial denture.


n the procedure of studying the relative parallelism or lack of parallelism of the teeth and associated structures to select a path of placement for a restoration that will encounter the least tooth or tissue interference and provide adequate and balanced retention; locating guiding plane surfaces to direct placement and removal of the restoration and to achieve the best appearance possible.
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Jennifer Welch, operations director for RICS North, said: "A chartered surveyor can contribute significantly to the success of any business.
If you've got an enquiring mind, becoming a chartered surveyor could be just the kind of career you're searching for.
However, the North-east bucked this trend with an increase from -75% of the region's chartered surveyors expecting a fall to -33% in Q2.
When questioned about their future outlook, 40% more chartered surveyors expect workload to fall than rise with a further 40% more expecting to employ less in the year ahead - compared to just 14% in the previous quarter.
Despite difficulty in securing mortgages and increased uncertainty about the prospects for the economy, 17% more chartered surveyors in Wales reported a rise rather than a fall in new buyer enquires, down only 1% on the previous month.
It also revealed that more chartered surveyors across the UK reported a rise rather than a fall in house prices, up from 17 per cent in April.
In the non-residential sector, 42 percent more Chartered Surveyors expect prices to fall rather than rise - the lowest recorded level since H1 2003.
Overall, 43% more chartered surveyors reported seeing a rise in the number of new landlord instructions than those who saw a fall, up from 30% during the previous quarter.
HOUSE prices are falling at an increasing pace, with a record number of chartered surveyors reporting a drop in the cost of property last month.
He has spent much of his career working in and around Newcastle with companies such as Whittle Jones Chartered Surveyors and Lamb & Edge.
CHARTERED surveyors with a head for heights are hoping to raise thousands for charity by going on a challenging trek to Peru's city in the sky, Machu Picchu.
CONSTRUCTION workloads in Wales have fallen dramatically, according to research from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.