Charnley, Sir John

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Sir John, English surgeon, 1911-1988.
Charnley acetabular cup prosthesis
Charnley arthrodesis
Charnley arthrodesis clamp
Charnley bone clamp
Charnley bone clasp
Charnley brace handle
Charnley cemented hip prosthesis
Charnley centering drill
Charnley compression arthrodesis
Charnley compression fusion
Charnley device
Charnley femoral broach
Charnley femoral condyle drill
Charnley femoral prosthesis pusher
Charnley hip arthroplasty - a form of total hip replacement consisting of the application of an acetabular cup and a femoral head prosthesis.
Charnley hip prosthesis
Charnley implant
Charnley incision
Charnley knee prosthesis
Charnley narrow stem component
Charnley pilot drill
Charnley pin
Charnley pin clamp
Charnley pin retractor
Charnley rasp
Charnley reamer
Charnley self-retaining retractor
Charnley standard stem retractor
Charnley towel
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