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Edward Mason, U.S. surgeon, 1860-1941. See: Parker-Kerr suture.
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Charlie Parker has been marked to die so that Prosperous may survive.
He believes in the magic of Charlie Parker and the cymbal, too.
A song called Laura performed by Charlie Parker from an old black and white film noir movie.
More than thirty years in the making, Kansas City Lightning is the product of Crouch's deep research; of his highly attuned ear for music and speech; his skill at eliciting the juiciest memories, rumors, and cutting witticisms from famous and obscure raconteurs; his mad love of jazz in general and of the artistry of Charlie Parker in particular.
His latest book, The Wrath of Angels ( Hachette; ` 350), continues in the life of one Charlie Parker based in Maine, USA.
He's a one-off and his take on Charlie Parker's work has won him massive acclaim.
While most toddlers are learning what kind of sounds animals make, Charlie Parker from Ballarat is quickly becoming the next Bindi Irwin, reported.
The fundraising event, for The Cleveland Unit and James Cook University Hospital's neonatal unit, was due to take place at the Junction on Borough Road, Middlesbrough, but will now take place at Charlie Parker's on the town's Linthorpe Road, tonight from 7pm.
Coached American Charlie Parker, Muharraq were hoping to clinch full points and avenge their defeat to Isa Town in the second-half of the league.