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Charles, English physicist, 1802-1875.
Wheatstone bridge - an apparatus for measuring electrical resistance.
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The idea of a telegraph had occurred to a number of people, including Henry (see 1823) and the British inventor Charles Wheatstone (1802-1875).
Binocular stereopsis ("two-eyed solid seeing") was discovered in 1833, when Sir Charles Wheatstone invented the mirror stereoscope.
In 1844, telegraph inventor Charles Wheatstone carried out experiments on underwater telegraphy with John Dillwyn Llewellyn in Swansea bay.
He discussed the long history of 3D, dating back to 1832 when Sir Charles Wheatstone created the rotating stereoscope, and including the boom in 3D movies of the 1950s.
Sir Charles Wheatstone was born in Barnwood near Gloucester in 1802 but spent his early years living at his family's shoemaker's shop in the city.
Virtually every aspect of the concertina is introduced and discussed in clear fashion: invention, manufacture, pertinent repertory, and performing artists, as well as the background of Charles Wheatstone and the aristocratic audiences who became devotees of the instrument.