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Charles, French urologist, 1809-1871.
Phillips bougie
Phillips catheter - a urethral catheter with a filiform guide for the urethra.
Phillips clamp
Phillips dilator
Phillips forceps
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Charles Phillips, who has served as CEO since 2010, has been named Chairman of Infor's Board of Directors.
Summary: Charles Phillips, who has served as CEO since 2010, has stepped down from the role and has been named as the Chairman of Infor's Board of Directors.
"The reason that we're a brand is because we think that is where the safety and authenticity lies for the consumer," said Charles Phillips, CEO of DNA Genetics, a premier provider of genetics to the cannabis industry.
I recently I donated that property, which I inherited through my grandfather, Charles Phillips, who came here from County Mayo in Ireland.
Synopsis: With the publication of "The Great Eastern Railway In South Essex: A Definitive History", railway enthusiast and historian Charles Phillips presents an illustrated history of the Great Eastern's lines from Shenfield to Southend, Wickford to Southminster and Woodham Ferrers to Maldon including their ancestor.
Charles Phillips, (President, Gov't Division, Bennett Motor Express, LLC) Chair, ATA Gov't Freight Conference *
All those eventually lead to more employees in our Manila office since they become part of new product teams and integration efforts,' Infor CEO Charles Phillips told the BusinessMirror on Thursday in an e-mail interview.
"Koch and Golden Gate Capital have been phenomenal partners for Infor, and all of our 17,300 employees are excited about this milestone as we prepare for the next stage of growth," remarked CEO Charles Phillips.
And that means a return to full-time professional racing at Perry Barr for the first time since 2014 when Alan and Charles Phillips oversaw the temporary demise of the club.
Example 2: Charles Phillips, a widower, owns a successful business in which his older daughter Diane has become a key executive.
When Reverend Charles Phillips brought Christianity to Idanre in 1895, his job was made easy by a few Idanre indigenes who had gone out to siloko to work with some timber contractors where they had learnt how to read and write.