McBurney, Charles

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McBurney, Charles

U.S. surgeon, 1845–1913.

McBurney incision

An incision made halfway between the umbilicus and the interior superior spine, a point of extreme tenderness in appendicitis.

McBurney point

A point 1 to 2 in (2.5 to 5.1 cm) above the anterosuperior spine of the ilium, on a line between the ilium and umbilicus, where pressure produces tenderness in acute appendicitis.

McBurney sign

Tenderness and rigidity at the McBurney point, probably indicative of appendicitis.
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Charles, U.S. surgeon, 1845-1913.
McBurney incision - an incision parallel with the course of the external oblique muscle, one or two inches cephalad to the anterior superior spine of the ilium.
McBurney inguinal herniorrhaphy - Synonym(s): McBurney operation
McBurney operation - surgery to repair inguinal hernia. Synonym(s): McBurney inguinal herniorrhaphy
McBurney point - a point where pressure elicits tenderness in acute appendicitis.
McBurney retractor
McBurney sign - tenderness at site two-thirds of the distance between the umbilicus and the anterior-superior iliac spine seen in appendicitis.
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Many famous anthropologists relied on her skill, including Louis and Mary Leakey, Charles McBurney, and John Desmond Clark.
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American surgeon Charles McBurney has established the definite role of early surgical intervention in the management of acute appendicitis.[2] It may sometimes become life threatening.
Charles McBurney, at the Roosevelt Hospital, New York, described 'McBurney's point', the site of usual maximum tenderness in the disease, and pioneered the right iliac fossa 'muscle split' incision, still used today.
Charles McBurney, R-Jacksonville, would have created the Greater Good Attorney Student Loan Repayment Program for lawyers employed by local, state, or federal government agencies.
The greatest contributor to the advancement in the treatment of appendicitis was Charles McBurney. In 1889, he published his landmark paper in the New York State Medical Journal describing the indications for early laparotomy for the treatment of appendicitis.
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