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Norman W., U.S. dentist, 1829-1913. See: Kingsley splint.
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Mark Johnston's runners are always feared at Hamilton and the unexposed CHARLES KINGSLEY (2,35) is open to plenty of progress in the Buttonhook Handicap.
An Avison Young team comprised of James Nelson, Jon Epstein, Charles Kingsley, Neil Helmanand Toku Saito handled the two sales.
At the other end of the scale, Charles Kingsley was a disappointing odds-on shot on his most recent run but can redeem himself in the Betway Live Casino Novice Stakes.
His teacher at Armitage Street School asked him to paint a picture Charles Kingsley's The Water Babies - and was so impressed she gave him a penny!
Writers discussed include Michel Maxwell Philip, Marcella Fanny Wilkins, James Froude, Charles Kingsley, V.
The influential writers of the time, William Blake, Charles Dickens and Charles Kingsley are subtly introduced.
There was Hereward the Wake, whose exploits were the subject of a Charles Kingsley novel, Edwin, the ill-fated Earl of Mercia, and his brother, Morcar, who plays a part in a novel by Henry Treece.
The volume includes a further six contributions not related to the selected theme, discussing such topics as the paleography of early medieval musical notation, racial Anglo-Saxonisms in Charles Kingsley's lecture series The Roman and the Teuton (1864) and novel Hereward the Wake: "Last of the English" (1866), shifting roles in the cinematic sign of the grail, and the treatment of women in medievalist films in relationship to vengeance.
Chapter 2 "Racist Rantings, Travellers' Tales, and a Creole Counterblast" deals with the impact on the British West Indies of racist ideas and writings by men such as James Froude, Thomas Carlyle, and Charles Kingsley. The caustic responses of West Indians to such biased writings provide the foundation of Creole nationalism.
Charles Kingsley's Water Babies, in which Tom magically escaped misery, was Barney's favourite book.
In 1859, the year Darwin's Origin of the Species appeared, the Regius Professors of Modern History at Oxford and Cambridge, the putative heads of the British historical profession, were respectively Goldwin Smith, a talented controversialist and practitioner of higher journalism, and Charles Kingsley, a successful author of boys' adventure novels.