Gandy, Charles

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Charles, French physician, 1872–.
Gamna-Gandy bodies - see under Gamna
Gandy-Gamna bodies - Synonym(s): Gamna-Gandy bodies
Gandy-Nanta disease - siderotic splenomegaly.
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Miss Scott started as a labourer for farmer Charles Gandy, who farmed Walcote Fields in 1940 and worked for him for nearly 50 years.
Featured speakers included Carl Anthony, former president of Urban Habitat and former head of the Sustainable Metropolitan Communities program at the Ford Foundation; Charles Gandy, Long Beach City mobility coordinator; and Lydia Avila, organizer, East L.
Mario Buatta, Charles Gandy and Jeffrey Bilhuber joined representatives from Good Housekeeping, House Beautiful, Metropolitan Home and House & Garden for an update on the state of fashion in the carpet industry.