Gandy, Charles

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Charles, French physician, 1872–.
Gamna-Gandy bodies - see under Gamna
Gandy-Gamna bodies - Synonym(s): Gamna-Gandy bodies
Gandy-Nanta disease - siderotic splenomegaly.
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Miss Scott started as a labourer for farmer Charles Gandy, who farmed Walcote Fields in 1940 and worked for him for nearly 50 years.
of New York City; Mario Buatta, president of Mario Buatta Inc., New York City; Charles Gandy, president of Gandy/Peace Inc., Atlanta; Eva Maddox, president of Eva Maddox Associates, Chicago; Peter Conant, principal designer with Swanke Hayden Connell, New York City; and Neil Frankel, president-elect of the International Interior Design Association.
Mario Buatta, Charles Gandy and Jeffrey Bilhuber joined representatives from Good Housekeeping, House Beautiful, Metropolitan Home and House & Garden for an update on the state of fashion in the carpet industry.