Freeman, Charles.

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Freeman rule - a person is not responsible for crimes committed if that person has a condition which prevents him/her from knowing what he/she is doing.
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Scott Neville to remain in the position to which he was appointed after the retirement of Charles Freeman.
Synopsis: "A Jazzman's Tale" by Annette Johnson is a screenplay memoir of bebop trumpeter and pianist Charles Freeman Lee.
USCC senior vice president for Asia Charles Freeman noted that the Philippines has 'a very good story to tell' and that its economy is opening up for greater foreign investment.
Chamber of Commerce Senior Vice President Charles Freeman said Korean firms' investments in the U.S.
Charles Freeman has been hired as Senior Vice President for Asia, and Neil Herrington has been promoted to Senior Vice President for the Americas.
Laurel and Charles Freeman and their daughters, Callie and Charlotte, are an African-American family with a remarkable command of sign language.
In another epic battle, Perry, just 6ft 2ins and 13 stone, took on American man mountain Charles Freeman, measuring a colossal 6ft 10ins and weighing 20 stone, battling his way to an honourable 70-round draw.
He first made headlines in July 7, 1842, with a 70 round draw against American Charles Freeman, a giant of a man who stood 6ft 10ins tall and weighed 20 stones.
TOKYO (CyHAN)- US China Policy Foundation Co-Chair and former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Charles Freeman Jr.
60 (Middleton, WI: A-R Editions, 2007); Charles Freeman, "Progressive Ideals for the Opera Stage?
"I would speculate that with an order of this size, the Saudis were flushing their current stocks in the direction of the opposition and replacing them with new munitions," said Charles Freeman, a former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia.