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Alexis, French surgeon, 1757-1833. See: Boyer bursa, Boyer cyst.
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Buoyant crime comedy, starring Audrey Hepburn, Charles Boyer and Eli Wallach.
Mildred Natwick and Charles Boyer are among the supporting cast.
Los Angeles): Bing Crosby, Bela Lugosi, Rita Hayworth, Sharon Tate, Charles Boyer, Jackie Coogan, Jimmy Durante, gossip columnist Louella Parsons, director John Ford, Rosalind Russell, movie pioneer Mack Sennett, Mary Astor, bandleaders Lawrence Welk and Spike Jones, John Candy, Ray Bolger and Mario Lanza.
1978: Actor Charles Boyer, said to be everyone's idea of the great French lover, died, aged 78.
The role was reprised by Charles Boyer in the tepid 1973 remake.
As a girl she had fantasized about being knocked down and opening her eyes to find romance with an Errol Flynn or a Charles Boyer.
Gary Grant and Deborah Kerr co-star in this shipboard remake of the 1939 ``Love Affair,'' which featured Irene Dunn and Charles Boyer.
Neil Simon's marital comedy, also starring Mildred Natwick and Charles Boyer
Charles Boyer, Herb Edelman and Mabel Albertson also star.
From the start, she seems bent on fulfilling the prophesy of actor Charles Boyer, a Beverly Hills neighbor and an early fan of the future thespian: ``Your life will be a wonderful one, but difficult I think.
It's just that my mother told me never to enter any man's room in months ending in 'r' - Irene Dunne to Charles Boyer in Love Affair (1939) I'm an intensely shy and vulnerable woman.