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Alexis, French surgeon, 1757-1833. See: Boyer bursa, Boyer cyst.
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La pelicula se titula Luz que agoniza y esta interpretada por Ingrid Bergman y Charles Boyer y yo siento un deseo infinito de verla.
McCarey's subsequent comment goes to the heart of why Grant is this reviewer's favorite actor: "The difference between 'Love Affair' and 'An Affair to Remember' is very simply the difference between Charles Boyer and Cary Grant.
En 1557 se publicaron en Lyon, por el editor Charles Boyer, las Relecciones de Vitoria, esto es, los apuntes de sus lecciones solemnes, que ya circulaban manuscritas entre los estudiantes.
In eleven Hollywood movies of the 1940s and '50s Karinska executed costumes for such stars as Judy Garland, Ginger Rogers, Marlene Dietrich, Leslie Caron, Gary Cooper, Vivien Leigh, Gene Kelly, Charles Boyer, and Olivia de Havilland.
Charles Boyer grabbing a smoke and combing his hair in his dressing room.
The disc also includes Charles Boyer singing "Salue la lune" from ISI ne repond pas (1932), directed by Karl Hartl, who also directed German and English versions of the film.
5,885,269; Charles Boyer, Robert Kinney, Ramsis Gobran, Ruben Velasquez and Roland Midgley, assignors to Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, St.
When producer-director Robert Lord heard that Mary was taken with Charles Boyer, he brought them together.
Gaslight (MGM: 1944) This taut psychological thriller about a young bride ensnared in the tightening web of her husband's sadistic schemes earned Ingrid Bergman an Oscar and features extraordinary performances by Charles Boyer and the very young Angela Lansbury.
Thirty years would pass before Ross's discovery would be exploited - not by a professional astronomer but by a French amateur named Charles Boyer.
In Rene Magritte, 1971, the one recognizable face is also the one "misnamed": Montgomery Clift substitutes for Magritte while in the background are an array of Johnson's signature fetuslike figures, each bearing different names - Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo, John Gunther, Erich von Stroheim, Charles Boyer, etc.
Quien, de ese tiempo ya brumoso, no la recuerda en La tragedia de Mayerling, junto al patilludo, ojos de jaqueca continua, de Charles Boyer, ella de Maria Vetsera, el de principe Rodolfo de Habsburgo, en el doble suicidio por el amor prohibido en la severa corte austriaca?