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Charles, Swiss naturalist, 1720-1795.
Charles Bonnet syndrome - geriatric disorder marked by hallucinations.
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Mustafa Osman Ismail met with the Archaeologist Professor Charles Bonnet on Thursday after recovering from the recent health malaise in Geneva before embarking on his mission in the field of antiquities.
Research is being carried out into how Charles Bonnet Syndrome affects the brain.
Her condition has also triggered Charles Bonnet Syndrome where the brain tries to replace the images it thinks are missing.
Causes include psychosis, drugs, delirium, Charles Bonnet syndrome, compressive tumors, migraines, and hypnagogic phenomena [2].
It's a condition known as Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS).
According to ( Live Science , Charles Bonnet syndrome gives people "vivid, complex visual hallucinations," commonly faces, cartoons and patterns.
In addition, MES is suggested to be a variant of Charles Bonnet syndrome (visual hallucinations in visually impaired patients) by some authors (I).
This phenomenon named as Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) in 1936 by Georges de Morsier, a neurologist after the name of a Swiss philosopher, naturalist, biologist and writer Charles Bonnet who wrote about his elderly grandfather's experiences of phantom vision in 1796.