Lindbergh, Charles A.

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Charles A., U.S. aviator, 1902-1974.
Carrel-Lindbergh pump - see under Carrel
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On July 16, 1988, a sign was dedicated by the Oxford Historical Commission at the intersection of Marshall and Bacon streets, near the site of the former airport, marking the "landing site of Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh September 15, 1929."
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"Probably no figure in the history of science has a greater vision than that of Robert Goddard, or more courage and tenacity in translating his vision into fact." - Charles A. Lindbergh
The messages between Herrick and Washington concerning Lindbergh appear in full text in The Flight of Captain Charles A. Lindbergh From New York to Paris, May 20-21, 1927.