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A movement of Christianity which accentuates spiritual gifts such as prophecy and faith healing
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Harrell's page-turning narrative of Robertson's career is must reading for anyone hoping to understand the reach and power of the charismatic movement, both in the United States and abroad.
While the CCR was still evolving as a vibrant force among Latinos during the Encuentro decades of the 1970s and 1980s, it is most striking that not even the 2002 document Encuentro and Mission specifically addresses the Charismatic movement.
Yet some of those who still practice Catholicism have found their own paths in the charismatic movement and in various practices of popular religiosity.
The growth of the Latino Catholic Charismatic movement was confirmed in Bishop Gerald K.
It began with the Charismatic Movement in the 1960s, a time of great social change, and has been growing ever since.
If [charismata] are intended to witness to the liberating lordship of Christ in this world's conflicts," wrote theologian Jurgen Moltmann in The Source of Life, "then the charismatic movement must not become a non-political religion, let alone a de-politicized one.
He connects this growth with the charismatic movement within Catholicism and claims that these groups--perhaps due to a "lack of intellectual sophistication"--have been largely ignored by the establishment, particularly by sociologists, who are meant to note such trends.
In Part 2 of the play, however, he fails to realize how "the routinization of his charismatic movement has diluted the symbolic effect of his physical power" (59), and he makes a fatal error in attempting to pass on his authority to his sons.
He leaves behind "a leaderless charismatic movement and a uninheritable set of charismatic symbols" (167).