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A movement of Christianity which accentuates spiritual gifts such as prophecy and faith healing
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Calix said both the Neocatechumenal and charismatic movements, with their ready answers to personal and societal problems, represent "a kind of fundamentalism to confront an unstable society and unstable church.
I undertook to interview some members of the Charismatic Movement in order to find out how their experience in it had affected their lives.
(8) The charismatic movement began much earlier than 1901 or 1906, going back to the early prophets of the Old Testament at least.
Unlike the charismatic movement, which most often has been the rejuvenating movement within mainstream Christianity that emphasizes the exploding role of the Holy Spirit in the Christian life, Pentecostalism goes further by insisting on the Spirit's presence in the individual and/or community.
The majority of their adherents come from established Protestant or Syrian Orthodox churches with only 5 percent being former Catholics, the latter having their own strong Charismatic movement. Bergunder quotes very clear data which illustrates that healing and exorcism play a central part, not only for Hindus but also for Christians of the established churches, in their conversion to Pentecostalism.
Kenyon, are portrayed as figures on the "boundaries of the Pentecostal movement." Their writings and personalities were indeed critical in expanding early Pentecostal thought in ways that made possible the post-World War II charismatic movement. Bosworth was confidant and advisor to many of the leaders of the Pentecostal healing revival after World War II, including Oral Roberts, and Kenyon is viewed by many as the thinker most responsible for the "positive faith" teaching popularized by Kenneth Hagin and his disciples at the end of the twentieth century.
Vincent de Paul Society, the Legion of Mary, Cursillo, the Charismatic Movement, and Madonna House.
Perea, whose background is in the charismatic movement, told NCR that the two impulses generally reinforce each other, but there are tensions.
The Charismatic Movement.--The question of the relationship between baptism and the work of the Holy Spirit is not a new one, but the charismatic movement has provided a new perspective from which to view it.
The Catholic charismatic movement has been one of the more visible developments in spirituality since the late 1960s.
Smith was very active in the Charismatic Movement and had a long time affiliation with Fr.