charge transfer complex

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charge trans·fer com·plex

1. a complex between two organic molecules in which an electron from one (the donor) is transferred to the other (the acceptor); subsequent transfer of a hydrogen atom completes the reduction of the acceptor; such complexes are generally highly colored and may be so observed;
2. a network of hydrogen bridges at the catalytic center of certain proteases.
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An enhancement of the electrocatalytic activity of the polymer due to bulk heterojunction and charge-transfer complex formation allows improvement of the functional characteristics of photoelectrochemical cells based on the use of MDMO-PPV as a semiconductive photosensitive element.
Based on these facts we can suggest that the main result of this interaction is the formation of a charge-transfer complex between heteropolyacid anion clusters and conformationally distorted polymer chains.
Using solutions of molecules, Wang studied the light-altering properties of buckyballs alone and of buckyballs linked with another material in a so-called charge-transfer complex.
We are currently endeavouring to ascertain whether this charge-transfer complex can effect intramolecular oxygen-atom transfer to the olefin directly or whether it must first rearrange to a peroxometallacycle of the type conventionally invoked for these processes.