charge transfer complex

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charge trans·fer com·plex

1. a complex between two organic molecules in which an electron from one (the donor) is transferred to the other (the acceptor); subsequent transfer of a hydrogen atom completes the reduction of the acceptor; such complexes are generally highly colored and may be so observed;
2. a network of hydrogen bridges at the catalytic center of certain proteases.
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Abstract The propensity for ferrocene alkyl chloride charge transfer complexes (CTCs) to photoinitiate free radical polymerization of multifunctional acrylates was determined using photodifferential scanning calorimetry.
I developed Nuclear Magnetic Resonance facilities for the department, and worked on hydrogen bonding, charge transfer complexes, and structural chemistry (with Stan Tarbell, a leader in antibiotics chemistry).
This new chemistry is based on charge transfer complexes (CTCs).