charge transfer complex

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charge trans·fer com·plex

1. a complex between two organic molecules in which an electron from one (the donor) is transferred to the other (the acceptor); subsequent transfer of a hydrogen atom completes the reduction of the acceptor; such complexes are generally highly colored and may be so observed;
2. a network of hydrogen bridges at the catalytic center of certain proteases.
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It was estimated that this emission reflects the n-[pi]* charge transfer transition from the HOMO in the Si-0 site to the LUMO of the carbonyl group (Fig.
The soluble redox mediator secreted by bacteria enhances charge transfer but due to its low concentration electron transfer to electrode offers high resistance.
These efficiencies have been well matched with the charge transfer resistance; that is, [R.
Hence, one can see that from the NBO results it follows that there is no correlation between charge transfer and the calculated complexation energy of [X.
12) On cooling, this complex exhibits charge transfer that is coupled to spin crossover.
The peak current is controlled by both charge transfer and mass transport.
The change in colour of the composite film from bluish-grey to red is attributed to an electron injection from the ITO conduction band into the composite, which led to cathodic reduction of Mo(VI) to Mo(V) and, as a result, to disrupting the charge transfer complex.
The key phenomena governing the movement of the calcium ion/carbonate ion species towards the electrode and which influences the electrolysis precipitation reaction are ionic transport and the electrochemical charge transfer reactions occurring at the electrode/solution interface.
Some analysts attributed the selloff during the day, to a local newspaper report that offplan property sales would have to be registered with the Dubai Land Department and that developers would not be allowed to charge transfer fees on such sales.
The new law also states that master developers and sub-developers will no longer be permitted to charge transfer fees on