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Erwin, Austrian-U.S. biochemist, 1905-2002. See: Chargaff rule.
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12) Erwin Chargaff, Voices in the Labyrinth: Nature, Man, and Science, A Continuum Book (New York: Seabury Press, 1977), p.
19) Vischer, E, S Zamenhof and E Chargaff, 'Microbial nucleic acids: the desoxypentose nucleic acids of avain tubercule bacilli and yeast', Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol, 177, no.
1950 Erwin Chargaff Discovered a one-to-one ratio of adenine to thymine and guanine to cytosine in DNA samples from a variety of organisms.
La biologia, que a mediados de siglo, con Erwin Schrodinger y Erwin Chargaff, veia la substancia genetica como un texto, ya considera que el DNA consiste en codigos digitales, como el biologo Richard Dawkins, entre otros, no ha dejado de decir desde hace varias decadas.
Instead, as a scientist Prof Chargaff ought to be lending his hand to the use of science to address the food supply needs of future generations.
But models, Chargaff goes on to warn us, can also be misleading: "they are usually simplifications.
36) Chargaff es una de las mentes mas lucidas del siglo XX en torno a las implicaciones de la manipulacion genetica, quien ademas se manifesto en contra de la misma.
In their new book, Newberg and d'Aquili quote biologist Edwin Chargaff, who thinks all real scientists are driven by the mysterious intuition that something immense and unknowable dwells in the material world.
40] In 1973 Chargaff sensed a growing public disenchantment with science.
The Austrian-born American biochemist Erwin Chargaff (b.
But as Erwin Chargaff remarks about the "Ethical Guidelines for Reproductive Technology" adopted by the American Fertility Society, "a gardening manual written by the goatiest of goats could not be more permissive.