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Erwin, Austrian-U.S. biochemist, 1905-2002. See: Chargaff rule.
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1950 Erwin Chargaff Discovered a one-to-one ratio of adenine to thymine and guanine to cytosine in DNA samples from a variety of organisms.
40] In 1973 Chargaff sensed a growing public disenchantment with science.
However, elsewhere in his 1973 essay Chargaff comments that "society has the science it deserves" (p.
In addition, they did cite Erwin Chargaff's research on base pair ratios, which was pivotal to their discovery, and Chargaff was very open in admitting that it was the 1944 paper which triggered his interest in DNA.
Because so little is known, their release is an uncontrolled experiment, which the biochemist Erwin Chargaff, known as the father of molecular bi ology, has said would constitute "an irreversible attack on the biosphere.
As for the judgement of history, I quote Professor Erwin Chargaff, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry at Columbia University: "I have the feeling that science has transgressed a barrier that should have remained inviolate .
Erwin Chargaff has put it eloquently: "This world is given to us on loan.