characteristic frequency

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characteristic frequency

frequency at which a given neuron responds to the smallest sound intensity.
Synonym(s): best frequency
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char·ac·ter·is·tic fre·quen·cy

(kar'ăk-tĕr-is'tik frē'kwĕn-sē)
Frequency at which a given neuron responds to the least sound intensity.
Synonym(s): best frequency.
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characteristic frequency



The frequency of sound that is most easily able to stimulate an auditory neuron.
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It can be seen that the obvious peak in frequency spectrum is 8.95 Hz, which is equal to the characteristic frequency of floating tile wear.
This paper analyzes the failure forms of rolling bearing, fault characteristic frequency and vibration mechanism and application of wavelet de-noising, wavelet packet energy extraction and support vector machine (SVM) and other technologies, using a rolling bearing fault intelligent diagnosis method based on support vector machine (SVM), verified by simulation experiments.
The Bode magnitude and phase plots depicted in Figures 3(b) and 3(c) clearly show increase of magnitude and decrease of characteristic frequency ([[omega].sub.max]) with the increase of [R.sub.ct].
The definition of characteristic frequency [f.sub.T] is the frequency f that the max SK [K.sub.max] is corresponding in the specific condition.
To obtain the characteristic frequency, the relative permittivity is needed at various frequencies.
Using RRM postulates, a computationally identified characteristic frequency for a protein functional group can be used to calculate the wavelength of applied irradiation [lambda] which assumingly would activate this protein sequence and modify its bioactivity
In an MRI machine, fluorine emits a strong signal with a characteristic frequency. Tuning the MRI equipment to that frequency creates a clear image of the tumor without showing surrounding tissues.
When a molecule containing these atoms is placed in a magnetic field, the spins act as tiny magnetic dipoles, which align with the magnetic field and precess about its axis with a characteristic frequency called the Larmor frequency.
[omega]c = characteristic frequency determined by conductor resistivity [rho] ([omega]/m), permeability [micro] (H/m) and radius RC (m)
With the latest piezoelectric transducers and analytical instruments, this sound spectrum can be broken into several characteristic frequency bands keyed to specific grinding phenomena.
maximally flat magnitude response, the same characteristic frequency, pass-band gain, etc.) [8], [10].

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