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A grasshopper-based snack food which contains garlic, salt, lime juice or a red chili powder coating
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I am not too proud to say my entomological skills did not stretch to knowing what a chapuline is (grasshoppers that are commonly eaten in certain areas of Mexico).
Of the two noncandy related health alerts focusing on imported food products, one was for chapuline (a toasted grasshopper snack food), and one was for spices/herbs.
Thirty-somethings flock to this monument to mescal for the relaxed post-work vibe and the chapulines, a snack of salted grasshoppers.
'Yeah, and the, these...' Doctor: Chapulines. 'Grasshoppers.' Patient: Chapulines, tasajos.
I'm currently really into chapulines - they're crickets that you eat in Mexico as a bar snack.