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Pertaining to chaotropism.
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Our work with soy flour has shown that dry and wet adhesive bond strengths for samples made and tested using this ABES method were remarkably insensitive to the type of soy flour used (Frihart and Satori 2012) or to the addition of chaotropic agents, salts, surfactants, and co-solvents to the soy flour (Frihart and Lorenz 2013).
All NA will bind to silica surfaces under specific binding conditions, especially in the presence of chaotropic salts (30).
Thus, present investigation sought to determine whether bacteria present in the Thar Desert that are naturally subjected to desiccation and salts concentrating around soil particles during soil drying, are tolerant to Kosmotropic (Glycerol) and chaotropic (NaCl) and Non-ion-chaotropic (ethanol) solutes.
For example, chaotropic agents, like guanidine or DMSO, could be used in increasing concentrations to provide more granular information about the protein conformation.
7) which proved orange peroxidase to be quite resistant against chaotropic agent, urea.
As the dipolar relaxation time constant of water molecules in the hydration shell is different from that in bulk water, the hydration shell absorption will be lower or higher compared to bulk water depending on whether the biomolecule is chemotropic (slower water molecules in the hydration shell) or chaotropic (faster water molecules in the hydration shell).
Known inactivation methods using surfactants or chaotropic salts denature both chains of the hololectin.
Many of the established RNA isolation protocols are based on highly toxic chaotropic agents such as phenol, phenol/chloroform or guanidine thiocyanate which quickly denature the endogenous ribonucleases in tissues [8].
This was performed by diluting the concentration of the chaotropic agent, in this case urea, to allow the protein to fold and adopt a more stable three-dimensional configuration.
In brief, 140 [micro]L of serum was incubated with 560 [micro]L of lysis buffer containing chaotropic salts and carrier RNA for 10 min at room temperature.