Jean-Pierre, 20th-century French biochemist. See: Monod-Wyman-Changeux model.
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It has been awarded to some of the best specialists in the field in its 19 year history, and we are delighted to add Jean-Pierre Changeux, Peter Kalivas and Eric Nestler to this distinguished list, in acknowledgment of their achievements.
Three laureates of the Nobel Prize Several will give lectures: Richard Axel (Columbia University), Eric Kandel (Columbia University) and Susumo Tonegawa (MIT) will present at the symposium Ten of the speakers are members of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, in particular Jean-Pierre Changeux, Professor at the Coll[c]ge de France and at the Institut Pasteur (France).
Uwe Maskos, Sylvie Granon, Philippe Faure and Jean-Pierre Changeux Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor functions in the CNS investigated with a novel method of stereotaxic gene re-expression in knockout mice.
Changeux, "A neurocomputational hypothesis for nicotine addiction," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol.
In Changeux JP Damasio AR, Singer R, Christen Y, eds.
La plasticite developpementale visant a l'adaptation du systeme nerveux a son environnement est ainsi mise en avant, en particulier dans les travaux de Gerard Edelman ou de Jean-Pierre Changeux qui proposent qu'une selection du developpement dans un contexte de connexionnisme puisse exister (Barbara, 2008).
Vasbinder JW, Andersson B, Arthur WB, Boasson M, de Boer R, Changeux JP, et al.
La propuesta teorica se sustenta en pensadores como Pirron de Elis, Sexto Empirico, Platon, Aristoteles, Dewey, Spinoza, Gadamer, Levinas, Velmans, Rizzolati, Schneider, Zeiki, Damasio, Changeux, Boyle, Huron, entre muchos otros, a quienes Delannoy acude para construir un dialogo transdisciplinario entre la filosofia, la ciencia y el arte, en relacion con los procesos neurocognitivos y epistemicos.
32) Likewise, the mathematician Alain Connes, who argues for an objective, independent existence of mathematical objects, has debated the biologist Jean-Pierre Changeux, who argues that mathematics is merely a product of neural interactions in the human brain.
Or, je suis toujours etonne lorsque Prochiantz me dit que, en fin de compte, il y a une difference de nature entre l'homme et les grands singes et que c'est le cerveau qui en est responsable ; en depit de ses divergences avec Jean-Pierre Changeux, il partage neanmoins avec lui une sorte de determinisme de la boite cranienne, c'est-a-dire que tout change quand on passe de trois cents a neuf cents [cm.
30) Joshua Greene, 'Emotion and Cognition in Moral Judgment: Evidence from Neuroimaging', in Jean-Pierre Changeux, Antonio R.
Bur Dubai is one of the city's most vibrant and densely populated areas and has long demanded the presence of a full-service Carrefour hypermarket in the vicinity," said Henri Changeux, executive regional director of Majid Al Futtaim Carrefour.