German chamomile

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Ayurvedic medicine
Chamomile has been used for women’s complaints, indigestion and colicky children.

Herbal medicine
An annual herb, the flowers of which contain choline, coumarins (e.g., umbelliferone), cyanogenic glycosides, flavonoids (e.g., rutin), salicylate derivatives, tannins and volatile oils (e.g., bisabolol and chamazulene). Chamomile is administered as a tea, extract, tincture or ointment. German chamomile tea is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, anxiolytic, carminative, expectorant and sedative; it has been used to treat acne, anxiety, asthma, bacterial and fungal infections, colicky infants, diarrhoea, flatulence, gout, headaches, indigestion, insomnia, irritable bowel, menstrual cramping, pruritus, rheumatic disease and sciatica. In Russia, Roman chamomile is used for colds, gastric complaints, colitis, as a sedative gargle, and topically for eczema and inflammation.

Most herbalists use German chamomile and Roman chamomile interchangeably.
See Chamomilla.
An essence in the pseudoscience of flower therapy which is believed to balance emotions, calm nerves and brighten moods.

German chamomile

An annually flowering member of the aster family (Matricaria recutita). Teas made from the flower are used as a mild sedative, an astringent, a cosmetic hair rinse, an analgesic, and an antispasmodic in the treatment of colic, indegestion, and irritable bowel syndrome, . Oils extracted from the plant are used in alternative and complementary medicine to relieve itch. Some people are sensitive to the plant's oilsand may develop contact dermatitis after exposure. Synonym: wild chamomile
See also: chamomile
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At the end of a rough day, Peter's mom served him some chamomile tea.
To stave off winter sniffles, brew a cup of immunity-boosting chamomile tea.
I suspect a similar mechanism is involved in chamomile tea.
Another way to help eyes recover from stress is to make an application of tea bags or chamomile tea.
For the tea espuma: In saucepan, place chamomile tea and tea blend,
After performances, drink a cup of chamomile tea to soothe and relax the body before bed.
Chamomile tea is an excellent way to soothe an upset stomach or a restless night, or even to use topically for eye irritation.
The researchers concluded that daily consumption of chamomile tea with meals could potentially be useful in the prevention and self-treatment of hyperglycemia and diabetic complications.
If all else fails, there are always the homespun yawn-inducing activities--drinking warm milk or chamomile tea, rubbing lavender essential oil on the temples, and of course sex.
bags Peppermint Tea Bulk Leaf or Boxes--12/cs Chamomile Tea Bulk Leaf or Boxes--12/cs.
Almost everybody's heard of chamomile tea, but not everyone knows that the herb - which grows well in Pacific Northwest gardens, by the way - has traditional uses that go far beyond relaxing with a hot "cuppa" after a hectic day.