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(chām′bər-lənd, shäN-bĕr-län′), Charles Édouard 1851-1908.
French bacteriologist. A colleague of Louis Pasteur, he contributed to the development of sterilization techniques.
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* Patrick Chamberland - executive vice president, International Reinsurance
Hospice staff member Joann Chamberland, a registered nurse, started with Concord Regional VNA as a hospice nurse in 1993, and accompanied the very first patient to Hospice House.
Eva Kaukai (18) and Manon Chamberland (17) film themselves throat singing while vistas of the Arctic appear in the background.
They are among 88,000 who fled Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada, which was "like driving through hell", fleeing resident Michael Chamberland said.
Resident Michel Chamberland said: "It was like driving through Hell."
Over the years, leadership of the team has been taken in turns by Gerard Malcuit (UQAM), Claire Chamberland and Marie-Andree Poirier (Universite de Montreal).
Joseph Gagnon will remain middle school principal, Casey Handfield still will be Auburn High School principal, and Elizabeth Chamberland will remain principal of the Bryn Mawr School for grades K through 2.
Especially high ratings were scored for Helene Leonetti on the path to vibrant health, David Nebbeling on a holistic approach to musculoskeletal pain, Guy Chamberland on a master herbalist's approach, and David Pawset on mindfulness.
An investment group out of Santa Cruz, Calif., bought the 96-unit Chamberland Square Apartments at 3127 Jewell Road in Fayetteville for $5.6 million.
Jeff Fuller, the president of Fuller Industrial, teamed up with industrial designer Dan Chamberland in 2010 to develop a special paint coating for pipelines, and other structures, that could detect the smallest pinholes and prevent leaks before they happen.
He also made a presentation on "the Role of Judiciary in Promotion of a Culture of Tolerance" in an event which was co-chaired by Justice Chamberland of the Quebec Court of Appeal and President of the Montreal Bar Association Mr.