Chamberlain procedure

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Cham·ber·lain pro·ce·dure

a limited left anterior thoracostomy for biopsy of the mediastinal nodes out of reach by cervical mediastinoscopy.
See also: anterior mediastinoscopy.
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parasternal mediastinotomy

A procedure performed under general anaesthesia in which the anterior mediastinum is accessed via a parasternal incision to biopsy hilar lymph nodes, anterior mediastinal tissues or lymph nodes at level-5 or -6 nodal regions.
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Chamberlain procedure

[J. Maxwell Chamberlain, U.S. thoracic surgeon, 1908–1968]
Incision into the mediastinum through an incision made next to the sternum. The procedure is used to obtain specimens for biopsy or laboratory analysis as an alternative to mediastinoscopy.
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