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A regional phrase for using white powder to make the cocaine one is selling appear whiter than it is due to prior 'cutting' or contamination
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Wall chalking used to be (and still is) an affordable advertising media for a lot of businesses, products and causes including but not limited to: Politics, Religion, Educational Institutions, Beauty Salons, Marriage Beurues, Paints, Pedestal Fans, Whitening Creams, Herbal Medicine Practitioners / Herbalists and Practitioners of Spiritual Incantation.
The DC said that they had identified 500 violators of wall chalking on the first day of operation of this vehicle on whom notices had been served.
All major roundabout, bridges and flyovers are painted with different wall chalking as the administration opts to remain a silent spectator.
Disbelieving Hazel Mercer and Charli Lith have been fined pounds 80 each and threatened with ASBOs for chalking lovehearts, rainbows and tiaras on the road outside their grandmother's house in Pen y Bryn, Bangor
War chalking is a code developed to advertise the presence of wireless networks.
If you're chalking many lines in a row, you may be able to chalk two or three before rewinding for fresh chalk.
Advertisement of every item is done through wall chalking to avoid heavy cost.
Additionally, several wall chalking slogans in favor of MQM founder Altaf Hussain were also observed in different areas.
PESHAWAR -- District administration has issued 122 notices against those pasting posters and wall chalking on public properties in different localities of the city here Tuesday.
Daska -- Wall chalking in favour of the international terror outfit, the so-called Islamic State (IS), also known as Daish, was spotted within the Bimbanwala police station limits.
RAWALPINDI -- Police have apprehended two persons on violating wall-chalking ban and cases were registered against them under the Punjab Wall Chalking act here on Sunday.