Chalked Up

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A regional phrase for being under the influence of cocaine
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The seasoned choreographer Soile Lahdenpera was represented by a far too harmonious quartet called Memories--Now, a piece best chalked up as an honorable failure.
MAESTEG boosted their chances of staying in the First Division of the Welsh National League when they chalked up a hard-earned 16-14 home win over fellow strugglers RUMNEY.
Or American Airlines, four-flushed by travel agents who electronically chalked up 50 million frequent-flier miles.
One recent job, a faucet valve stem, has chalked up 13 million parts without a single defect in manufacturing or post-molding tasks.
Not only did Adamson notch their fifth straight crown, they also chalked up their 62nd straight victory across five seasons.
Sporting quote Clarke's runs at 174-179 and Steven Smith, who is unbeaten on 70 overnight, is chalked up at 104-109.