Chalk Line

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A bright white or yellow line indicating where a homicide victim was found; although the chalk line is a classic staple of movies and TV shows, it is rarely done in real life by experienced investigators, as there is a risk that the line would 'contaminate' the scene and subsequent photos taken before and after the removal of the body could be challenged by the defence as inadmissible
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Chalk line reels can also be used as plumb bobs, but are largely used to mark long lines on floors, wails and ceilings.
The logical focus then becomes how authors use forensic science in their novels, providing students with a chalk line that directly connects the two courses.
The carpet tiles are easy to install: There are no special tools, just a chalk line; straight-edge, sharp utility knife; and some glue or double-sided tape.
With the chalk line, mark a grid of roughly 30-inch squares on the concrete.
The back face of the screen is stapled to the fascia with the bottom bend following a chalk line and the front face left unattached.
A chalk line, inscribed by police on the sidewalk, dissolves in rain puddles, a faint sketch in the shape of a body on the asphalt.
Practice clock-stopping plays: (a) passes where each receiver is either on a sideline or deep down the middle, (b) runs on which the ball-carrier gets to his sideline before starting to make yards down the chalk line, (c) passes on which every receiver is in the end zone.
Ants are said to never cross a chalk line. So draw a line on the floor or wherever ants tend to march.
Of the twelve Chalk Line essays, eight originally appeared in a special issue of that Temple of Postmodernism, Social Text.
Mark the point and draw a chalk line across the wall using the spirit level to make sure it stays straight.
The students were fascinated as Carl used his professional chalk line to draw lines on the plywood where he would cut with the saw.
Two answers come to mind: First, Jordan does not draw a chalk line between love and politics, and second, rejecting pacifism is an act of becoming true to herself, of loving herself, and only in loving herself is she capable of loving others.