Chair Aerobics

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Aerobic exercises performed while sitting in a chair or wheelchair
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Twice a week at the Wakefield Road home she runs a keep moving session known as 'chairobics.'.
There will be activities from 9am on Friday including chairobics and there will be info and advice on benefits, pension credit, nail painting and a light buffet after the official opening.
And let's not forget Tamaya Adams - founder of The Pussycat Doll Workout (which is like chairobics, only with more eyelashes).
And let's not forget Tamaya Adams, founder of The Pussycat Doll Workout - which is like chairobics, only with more eyelashes.
Ideally, your chairobics routine needs to include exercises that address the following:
"Programmes range from children's classes including a mobility and balance workout for pre-schoolers, kids' yoga and street dance for teenagers, while pensioners and the less mobile are offered Chairobics.
A host of exhibitions and events have already taken place, but today the centre will stage Chairobics for the over 50s.
Ruth is one of more than 160 pensioners taking part in the classes, which provide a unique workout that fills the gap between aerobics and 'chairobics'.
Classes in Chairobics have been running at Atherstone's Memorial Hall, in Long Street, for 18 years.
In the meantime, I have a "chairobics" exercise class today.
Chairobics? The amount of time you spend in the pub it's more a case of jugging than jogging."
Other activities during the week focused on a visit from the Huddersfield Film-makers Club with a programme of member's films including several of old Huddersfield, an afternoon of 'chairobics' and community singing, an afternoon of old fashioned family games and a day out at Cannon Hall.