Chair Aerobics

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Aerobic exercises performed while sitting in a chair or wheelchair
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Gill Capewell instructs the residents at Valley View Care Home, Tandem, during a chairobics session 220216ECHAIR_02 ANDY CATCHPOOL
There will be activities from 9am on Friday including chairobics and there will be info and advice on benefits, pension credit, nail painting and a light buffet after the official opening.
And let's not forget Tamaya Adams - founder of The Pussycat Doll Workout (which is like chairobics, only with more eyelashes).
And let's not forget Tamaya Adams, founder of The Pussycat Doll Workout - which is like chairobics, only with more eyelashes.
Ideally, your chairobics routine needs to include exercises that address the following:
Programmes range from children's classes including a mobility and balance workout for pre-schoolers, kids' yoga and street dance for teenagers, while pensioners and the less mobile are offered Chairobics.
A host of exhibitions and events have already taken place, but today the centre will stage Chairobics for the over 50s.
Classes in Chairobics have been running at Atherstone's Memorial Hall, in Long Street, for 18 years.
Below, centre - chocolate cake is 'tops' - Mary Dyson (left) and Barbara Sowerby putting back the calories after a chairobics session at Cowcliffe and, below left, head waitress for the afternoon tea at Bradley Court resident May Chapman, who was also happily multi-tasking as cake maker, steward and 'tour guide' (s)
You're never too old to get in shape for summer, as a group of chairobics enthusiasts have shown at a development of apartments for the not-so-young.
We offer a range of services including rural community transport schemes, room hire, coffee afternoons, tea dances, pensioners' lunch club, chairobics, jigsaw library and lots more.