Chain of Evacuation

The routing of the sick and wounded personnel in a military conflict through a series of stations to be collected and carried to hospitals, beginning at an aid station and ending at a general hospital
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Contract notice: Chain of evacuation and treatment of hazardous waste schools and cfa.
2) It was not until the Vietnam conflict over 20 years later, however, that the chain of evacuation as we know it today--dedicated helicopters and enlisted flight medics--became the standard in the Army.
While indicators were present shortly after the first employment of forward surgical teams (FSTs) in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo in 1997, (1) the return of Army nurses to the chain of evacuation actually became a necessity as combat operations intensified in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.
Earlier surgical intervention (resuscitation and stabilization) in the chain of evacuation of the wounded has markedly improved survivability, but has also introduced an increased level of complexity in the onward transportation of these wounded.