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island situated in Indian Ocean, now known as Sri Lanka.
Ceylon cinnamon - dried inner bark of evergreen tree in laurel family, used for medicinal purposes or as a spice.
Ceylon moss - red seaweed which is a source of agar (culture medium).
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Naomi & Her Boys, one of the more famous Singaporean groups, was led by a brother and sister of Ceylonese descent, Robert Suriya (who wrote the majority of the group's songs) and singer Naomi, with musicians whose names reflect Singapore's multicultural milieu: Moses Tay, Henry Richards, Jose Ahmad, Peter Thomas and Alphonso Soosay.
As the credits run at the beginning of the film, a plaintive Ceylonese melody is sung by a male voice.
These matters are further discussed in the shaykh's treatise, namely Daf' ul-Bala (warding off of evil) and further expanded upon in detail in his Al-Barakt as-Saylniyyah ("The Ceylonese blessings").
39) And for Woolf the reluctant imperialist, that attitude coincides with his attempts to see the other side, to interpret events from the Ceylonese point of view.
Livera, while applying for the post of systematic botanist in 1924, started his application signing, "I am a Ceylonese of the Burgher community and 27 years of age.
Domination and Resistance in Nineteenth-Century Ceylonese Coffee Plantations", en Journal of Historical Geography, Vol.
This time out, Ondaatje focuses mostly on the Ceylonese experiences of Leonard Woolf.
Essentially, this is the story of a double murder that occurs deep in the Ceylonese jungle in a village called Beddagama.
At the outset of the Emergency in 1948, ethnic Chinese constituted 39 percent of the Malay population, while the remainder of the population consisted of 49 percent Malays and 10 percent Indians and Ceylonese.
Her court goldsmith, Diogo Vaz, was stationed in Goa for over twenty years, and was primarily responsible for obtaining the best precious stones, diamonds, Indian and Ceylonese jewelry.
One such figure is the Ceylonese engineer Cecil Balmond (who has collaborated with Koolhaas since 1985 and with other celebrated designers more recently), without whom some hyperbuildings could not have been conceived, let alone executed.
During the latter nineteenth century, Ceylonese Buddhism was repackaged, in part under the inspiration of English author and Orientalist Sir Edwin Arnold (1832-1904) and American Theosophist (18) Henry Steele Olcott (1832-1907), in a way that emphasized the universality of its core ethical teachings and presented its theology as unmystical and "rational"--features that made it not only considerably less "pagan" to Western eyes, but even suggested a distant spiritual kinship with Protestant Christianity.