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island situated in Indian Ocean, now known as Sri Lanka.
Ceylon cinnamon - dried inner bark of evergreen tree in laurel family, used for medicinal purposes or as a spice.
Ceylon moss - red seaweed which is a source of agar (culture medium).
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S Renganathan, chief operating officer, Commercial Bank of Ceylon, said, 'Commercial Bank of Ceylon has utilised core banking technology from Fiserv for over two decades, and we knew we could turn to them as a reliable partner to help us enhance the digital banking experience we offer our customers.
The National President of All Ceylon YMMA Conference Mr.
As a tea-producing country, a visit to origin to see, taste, and experience Ceylon tea in Sri Lanka could not possibly get any better.
Commercial Bank of Ceylon is a Sri Lankan bank that operates a network of 246 branches and 621 ATMs in Sri Lanka.
The Ceylon Tea Trails opened in 2005, but this is no new structure plunked down in this history rich area.
In the home market of Sri Lanka, Spa Ceylon has plans to grow from 14 to 19 outlets by the end of 2013.
Melbourne, May 13 ( ANI ): Sri Lanka is marketing its most profitable export - Ceylon tea - as a luxury boost for the libido.
The old man from Ceylon I met an old man in the market square yesterday, He greeted me in a very uplifting way.
The island of Ceylon (known after 1972 as Sri Lanka) is located off the southern tip of India.
Dubai Mashreq, along with partner banks Doha Bank, Habib Bank Limited and United Bank Limited, anchored and successfully closed a syndicated term loan for Sri Lanka's largest bank, Bank of Ceylon (BOC).
Sri Lanka-based Ceylon Petroleum Corporation is planning to provide two oil-product tenders to Glencore International AG, Dow Jones has reported, citing a trader familiar with the matter.