cervical part of internal carotid artery

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cer·vi·cal part of in·ter·nal ca·rot·id ar·ter·y

the unbranched portion located in the neck.
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cer·vi·cal part of in·ter·nal ca·rot·id ar·te·ry

(sĕrvi-kăl pahrt in-tĕrnăl kă-rotid ahrtĕr-ē) [TA]
Unbranched portion located in the neck.
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2: Supragingival calculus covering more than one third but not more than two thirds of the exposed tooth surface or the presence of individual flecks of subgingival calculus around the cervical portion of the tooth or both.
"Missed gland" is the substernal portion of thyroid that can be defined as thyroid formation with cervical departure that goes beyond the superior thoracic strait for at least 3 cm and is connected to the cervical portion of thyroid with or without a thin fibrous band or vascular structure, which is forgotten after total thyroidectomy (1, 2).
stated that "it is therefore plausible that our patient's fistula was caused by unreported chiropractic manipulation, although this patient's fistula occurred in the distal cervical portion of her vertebral artery, where previous studies have determined that spontaneous vertebral AVFs form most commonly."
To best of authors' knowledge, only one case of delayed presentation of pseudoaneurysm of cervical portion of left common carotid artery is reported in literature, presenting more than twenty years after self-inflicted neck injury in a known schizophrenic patient.3
tion was performed through the cervical portion of the labial wall to provide a straight line access to the canal [Figure 1c].
The cervical portion of prolapsed mass nearer to vagina was pushed with a moderate force while the hind limb was slightly lifted by an attendant.
The distal cervical portion of the left ICA directly below the skull base contained a luminal, semilunar, peripheral T1- and T2-hyperintense signal abnormality compatible with a subacute mural thrombus, with an intimal flap indicative of a carotid dissection that measured 2.5 cm in length.
They preserve the connection between the thoracic and cervical portion and receive their blood supply from the neck.
A 35-year-old woman with end-stage renal disease due to systemic lupus erythematosus had a dual-lumen catheter, HemoSplit Dialysis Catheter (CR Bard Inc, MurrayHill, NJ), tunneled from a right infraclavicular incision into the cervical portion of the right internal jugular vein.
Replacement of the cervical portion is commonly achieved by either free jejunal transfer or the free radial forearm flap.
Investigation into the genesis of angular lesions at the cervical portion of the teeth.