athletic trainer

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ath·le·tic train·er

, athletic therapist (ath-let'ik trān'ĕr, thāră-pist)
One who is skilled in the prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.
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athletic trainer

A person who has completed educational and clinical experiences and is capable of working with athletes and others involved in strenuous physical activity and their environment to help prevent injuries, advise them concerning appropriate equipment, clinically diagnose injuries, administer emergency treatment, determine if specialized medical care is required, and rehabilitate those with injuries. Athletic trainers work under the direction of licensed physicians. In most states, athletic trainers must be licensed to practice.
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(5) Certified athletic trainers have positively impacted musculoskeletal disorders by significantly reducing re-injury rates and time loss from non-surgical injuries.
Having a certified athletic trainer on hand "is very important in situations like this, not only because they have the training and background to diagnose whether someone has a problem on the field," says Dr.
Practice: Physical therapist, certified athletic trainer, exercise physiologist and co-owner of MJS Health Consultants.
Certified athletic trainers from both schools were on site - a rare case among the 291 OSAA full-member schools - and once paramedics arrived, Bianchi was loaded into an ambulance and transported to the hospital.
In the case of interscholastic sports, is there a certified athletic trainer on staff?
Maack is a certified athletic trainer, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and owner of Arkansas Sports Performance Center in Little Rock.
Mary Mundrane-Zweiacher, certified athletic trainer at an orthopedic and sport medicine practice in Delaware, offers some tips to avoid injury:
Becoming a certified athletic trainer might be part of a game plan to consider.
But Donna Robertson, a certified athletic trainer in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, has developed a technique to help athletes - foot blueprints.
As a physician assistant and former certified athletic trainer at the Orthopaedic Center, he is able to provide orthopaedic assessments, follow-up care, treatments and education for patients.
The clinic director is Angela Lewis, board certified orthopedic clinical specialist and certified athletic trainer. The telephone number is 541-515-6194.

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