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Here, we examine the nature of sociality for an additional 14 trematodes species that infect the California horn snail, Cerithidea californica.
dagger]) bifurcata, Cerithidea (Cerithidea) Kilburn & Tankard, 1975: 195, fig.
Temporal variation in the infection of a population of Cerithidea cingulata by larval trematodes in Kuwait Bay.
The lower midden layers of the sites were dominated by Polymesoda [Geloina] coaxans, and Telescopium telescopium, both mangrove species of shellfish, and the upper layers by Cerithidea anticipata, a shellfish that inhabits mudflats (1982:89-90; 121-23).
The dates and the fact that these layers were dominated by Cerithidea sp.
Phenotypic plasticity in the life history of the mangrove snail Cerithidea scalariformis.
The observed inhibition range of [less than or equal to]8 mm was also higher when compared with the whole body extracts of Cerithidea cingulata and Hemifusus pugilinus, which showed a range of up to 1.
Potamididae Cerithidea cingulata (Gmelin, 1791) 41.
1 Cylichnella inculta 1 1 Cerithidea california 1 Crepidula coei Melampus spp.
Snails, Cerithidea californica, separated from a marsh by a parking lot and highway were completely uninfected with larval trematodes compared with a 25% prevalence in snails inhabiting the adjacent marsh.
Rediae from Cerithidea californica snails collected at Point Mugu, CA, yield pleurolophocercous, furcocercous, and xiphidio cercariae.