Imaging Technetium 99m–99mTc imaging agent commonly used with SPECT imaging to detect CVAs, which may be useful for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease. See Alzheimer's disease.
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Each patient was given 555 to 1110 MBq (15-30 mCi) of Ceretec (technetium 99M hexamethyl propylene amine oxime [HMPAO]), and SPECT imaging of the brain was performed following the American College of Radiology (ACR) nuclear medicine brain scan protocol, (24) and a rest baseline scan was obtained.
Infection scans were performed using either [sup.99m]Tc-white blood cell scanning (HMPAO, Ceretec, GE Healthcare, Amersham Place, United Kingdom, mean dose 209 MBq) or [sup.99m]Tc-antigranulocyte scintigraphy (LeukoScan[R], Immunomedics GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany, mean dose 1000 MBq) technique.
His prior responsibilities include sales and marketing, commercial planning, product launch, healthcare economics, reimbursement, advocacy development, life cycle management, and business development for brands such as CERETEC, TAXUS, NATRECOR, RANEXA and OFIRMEV.
Although most of the company's manufacturing has been moved to its facility in Oslo, Norway, its Ceretec (technetium 99m exametazime) product cannot be produced in GE's other manufacturing sites because of production and regulatory issues.
According to GE's Web site, Ceretec helps demonstrate cerebral blood flow and visualize sites of infection through the labeling of white blood cells.
* Tc-99m WBC scan with Ceretec (HMPAO) (GE Healthcare, Arlington Heights, IL)
Other evidence for CNS abnormalities in CFS comes from a recent study which analysed the brain perfusion of CFS patients and controls using Ceretec and single photon emission tomography (Costa, Brostoff, Douli & Ell, 1992).