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(Cherenkov) Pavel A., 20th-century Russian physicist and Nobel laureate. See: Cerenkov radiation.
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Ju, "An efficient gigawatt level X -band Cerenkov type oscillator without guiding magnetic field," Physics of Plasmas, vol.
With the advent of new projects, such as the KAT, MeerKAT and SKA, as well as possible SA participation in the Large Cerenkov Array project, interest and professional involvement in astronomy has greatly increased, there is every reason to expect that Astronomy will aspire to the highest international academic standards.
Given that aerogels are also mechanically fragile, their use has been limited to niche applications such as thermal insulation for the Mars Rovers, as collectors of space and comet dust and as Cerenkov detectors.
Like the Auger water tanks, the detector searches for what's known as Cerenkov radiation--the spark of light produced by particles interacting with water (or ice).
From 2002, the determination of [sup.90]Sr in equilibrium with 90Y was carried out by monitoring the Cerenkov radiation of beta particles (2.27 MeV) from [sup.90]Y in a liquid scintillation spectrometer Tricarb 3170TR/SL; efficiency of measurement was approximately 39%.
* Atmospheric & Cerenkov Telescope Array (ACTA): permits U.S.
Such a process was exhibited in the treatment of ferromagnetism, paramagnetism, diamagnetism, fluorescence, phosphorescence, thermionic emission, Cerenkov radiation, semiconductors, superconductors, and many other phenomena.
0.5 g) were digested in concentrated nitric acid (HN[O.sub.3]), filtered, and analysed for (non-radioactive) [sup.3]P content (ICP-AES) and [sup.32]P content (10% dilution, Cerenkov counting, Rackbeta 2 liquid scintillation counter, Wallac).
There are imitation caves full of real yellowcake uranium and a life-size mock-up of the new reactor's core, complete with hundreds of aluminum rods and the cobalt glow of Cerenkov radiation.
This promising coach's position is impossible, having to answer to two men, Anatoly Korobochka and Angel Cerenkov, unable to speak the same language.
The coach revealed Anatoly Korobochka and Angel Cerenkov made the changes at the break, but he didn't reveal if either or both had been in contact with Romanov.