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(Cherenkov) Pavel A., 20th-century Russian physicist and Nobel laureate. See: Cerenkov radiation.
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F] distribution but similar total charge are attributed to Cerenkov events in the Plexiglas which had a relatively large volume.
Fractions of 2 ml were collected and radioactivity was measured by Cerenkov counting.
The PMT tubes collect Cerenkov light, a pale blue light emitted by particles traveling as fast as light through water.
The thin film assay was carried out, and the counts remaining on the surface were quantified by Cerenkov counting after each wash step in a Wallac scintillation counter.
interpretation: the intense blue in the pool water, the Cerenkov
5 mmol/L phosphate to exchange off adsorbed 32p from the root surface, dried, weighed, and counted by liquid scintillation, using Cerenkov radiation (Chapin 1974).
Included were a rippled-wall Cerenkov traveling wave tube amplifier operating in X-band at 8.
Vacuum electronics technology embraces a wide range of devices, including the traditional multiterminal vacuum tubes, such as triodes, pentodes and beam power tubes, as well as many linear-beam and crossed-field devices, which employ either slow- or fast-wave structures, such as TWTs, klystrons, backward-wave amplifiers and oscillators, gyrotrons, free electron lasers and Cerenkov devices.
Cerenkov luminescence imaging (CLI) is a ground-breaking imaging modality that can provide real-time molecular imaging during surgery
Particles that travel faster than light in these substances give off energy known as Cerenkov radiation.
The physical properties of the negative index material with negative permittivity and permeability, or left handed materials (LHMs), such as reversed Doppler effect, Cerenkov radiation, and Snell's law, were predicted by Veselago [4].