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However, when adjusted for age, only smoking and death from cerebrovascular accident remained statistically significant.
He suffered a cerebrovascular accident 10 years previously with a residual 4/5 right-sided weakness.
Review of the literature regarding serious complications shows that the most frequent reported injuries involve artery dissection or spasm with consequent cerebrovascular accident.
Very old patients had a significantly higher percentage of cerebrovascular accidents, dementia, decubitus ulcer and hypothyroidism, but the prevalence of ischaemic heart disease, hypertension and diabetes mellitus was similar to that in patients 60-79 years of age.
In addition, there were over 900 reports of gastrointestinal hemorrhages, over 300 reports of rectal hemorrhages, and over 200 reports of cerebrovascular accidents suffered by U.
Evaluation of enzyme levels and easily available method for the evaluation of severity, course, prognosis, and to some extent in the differential diagnosis of various types of cerebrovascular accidents.
The 4 main types of NCDs are cardiovascular (CVD) diseases (like cerebrovascular accidents or strokes and heart attacks), cancers, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes.
Investigators found no significant differences in mortality risk between patients on peritoneal or hemodialysis, patients with or without a history of acute myocardial infarction, or patients who suffered cerebrovascular accidents.
Overall, 16 of 20 abdominal venous thrombotic events occurred in women, as did 11 of 12 abdominal venous thrombotic events in polycythemia vera, 6 of 7 cerebrovascular accidents, and 8 of 11 transient ischemic attacks.
Fetal and neonatal toxicities can result from maternal use at any point during gestation and include growth retardation, fetal distress, in utero cerebrovascular accidents, and abnormal neonatal neurobehavior.
Rare instances of hypertensive encephalopathy, cerebrovascular accidents, and death have been reported after clonidine withdrawal.