dural venous sinuses

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du·ral venous si·nus·es

endothelium-lined venous channels in the dura mater.
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du·ral ve·nous si·nus·es

(dūr'ăl vē'nŭs sī'nŭs-ĕz) [TA]
Endothelium-lined venous channels in the dura mater.
Synonym(s): venous sinuses.
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Treatment of progressive cerebral sinuses thrombosis with local thrombolysis.
We describe a patient presenting with spontaneous cervical osteomyelitis affecting the odontoid process with thrombosis of the adjacent internal jugular vein extending intracranially into cerebral sinuses.
According to C Prakash and BC Bansal, anatomical features, which predispose to thrombosis are lack of pumping action of muscles in the intracranial sinuses which promotes stasis of blood in cerebral sinuses and trabeculations within the sinuses.
The aim of the study was to determine whether measurement of D-dimer would be sensitive enough for detection of thrombosis in cerebral sinuses. Being a developing country with non availability of state of the art neuroradiological imaging facilities at far flung peripheral hospitals in northern areas like Gilgit and Skardu, a simple blood test at such hospitals would help in identifying the patients needing further workup in terms of neuroradiology.
Lam, Chan, and Poon performed a prospective study comparing Sj[O.sub.2] readings from the dominant jugular bulb and the confluence of the cerebral sinuses (Sccs[O.sub.2]) to determine whether Sj[O.sub.2] at the dominant side was representative of the global and cerebral hemispheric venous oxygen saturation.[31] The Sccs[O.sub.2] was compared with the Sj[O.sub.2] by monitoring 13 severely head-injured patients for a mean duration of 58 hours from April 1993 to December 1994.