cerebral ischemia

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cerebral ischemia,

n the reduction or loss of oxygen to the cerebrum; prolonged ischemia may lead to cerebral infarction.


deficiency of blood in a part, due to functional constriction or actual obstruction of a blood vessel.

cerebral ischemia
brain anoxia.
myocardial ischemia
deficiency of blood supply to the heart muscle, due to obstruction or constriction of the coronary arteries.
renal ischemia
severe or prolonged ischemia causes irreversible renal failure and death from uremia. Called also ischemic nephrosis.
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These results demonstrate that GTPs may act as a potential neuroprotective agent against BBB damage at the early stage of focal cerebral ischemia through the regulation of TJ and PKCasignaling.
A tetracycline derivative, minocycline, reduces inflammation and protects against focal cerebral ischemia with a wide therapeutic window.
Bispectral index monitoring (BIS) for cerebral ischemia detection was added to the standard monitoring during surgery.
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Previous studies have stated that homozygosity for the A allele of the G79A polymorphism decreases the risk of cerebral ischemia.
During cerebral ischemia, free fatty acid concentrations are increased as a result of merebrane damage.
Edema development after cerebral ischemia resulted in the decrease in neuronal osmomolarity and a loss of BBB integrity) Deterioration of molecular and enzymatic antioxidant defence activity in young as well as aged rat brain homogenate was observed after short-time cerebral ischemia and reperfusion) QC as well as CDP-Choline in mannosylated liposome treatment prior to ischemic insult resulted in an absolute protection to molecular and enzymatic antioxidant systems of brain of young and aged rats) Decreased protection against toxic radicals that are generated in cerebral ischemia and reperfusion may have serious consequences for the aging brain)
is a venture-backed, privately held, development-stage company focused on providing perfusion augmentation therapies that improve outcomes for patients with cerebral ischemia resulting from stroke, vasospasm and other conditions.
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While no CT or MRI parameter has yet proven sufficient to absolutely quantify the penumbra volume, CTA and CTP are now well-described techniques that have been shown to improve sensitivity in correctly identifying those patients with acute cerebral ischemia and in estimating penumbra volume.