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Relating to one of the cornua of the hyoid bone.
Synonym(s): keratohyal
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Miyake & McEachran (1991) have considered that the pseudohyal cartilage originally appeared to function as the ceratohyal cartilage in sharks (Compagno, 1977), which is reduced in torpedinoids (Fechhelm & McEachran, 1984).
The interhyoideus is a broad muscle, originating at the lateral margin of the ceratohyal extending medially to insert on the midline.
The orbitohyoideus is a large muscle originating from the muscular process of the palatoquadrate anterior to the eye and inserting on the lateral border of the ceratohyal ventrally.
Anterior ceratohyal ventral surface giving origin to two anteriormost small branchiostegal rays, then two large rays rising from anterior ceratohyal lateral surface.
Hyobranchial apparatus: Comprising median unpaired glossohyal, basihyal, three basibranchials and urohyal; and bilaterally paired dorsal and ventral hypohyals, anterior and posterior ceratohyals, interhyal, six branchiostegal rays, three hypobranchials, five ceratobranchials, four epibranchials and three pharyngobranchials (Fig.
7] M RA as gastrulae, the ventral elements of all seven arches can be found (Meckel's cartilage in the mandibular arch, the ceratohyal in the hyoid arch, and the ceratobranchials in the branchial arches).
In the gill region, the basihyal (bh) and ceratohyals (ch) lie anterior to the centrally located basibranchials (bb) and the three pairs of hypobranchials (hb).
Well-developed, posterodorsally pointed dorsal process of posterior ceratohyal.
Well-developed ventrolateral laminar expansion of anterior ceratohyal.
Ceratohyal and epihyal cartilages continually expand until 9 DPH when the hyoid reaches its maximum depth and has the full complement of six branchiostegal rays.