Oncology A product line that selectively removes cell lines–eg, stem cells from BM and peripheral blood before tumor-purging therapy, or removes T cells to ↓ GVHD in allograft recipients. See Marrow ablation.
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approvals of the CEPRATE SC Stem Cell System for use in bone marrow and peripheral blood transplantation.
Under terms of the agreement, patients will not lose access to CellPro's CEPRATE stem cell selection system until an alternative is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Last week, United States Federal District Judge Roderick McKelvie entered an injunction against CellPro's infringing Ceprate SC stem cell selection device.
stem cell selection market, following the exit of CellPro, by systematically phasing out that company's Ceprate instruments and replacing them with the Isolex(R) 300i Magnetic Cell Selection System.
Jacobs managed the process of attaining FDA approval for the first CD34+ stem cell selection system for bone marrow transplantation at CellPro that resulted in expedited approval for the CEPRATE SC System for peripheral blood transplantation.
Bothell, WA, announced the FDA has approved the company's label expansion for the Ceprate SC Stem Cell Concentration System.
The launch of the Isolex(R) systems will take place over the next several months and initially focus on the conversion of existing Isolex(R) investigational sites to commercial status and the installation of Isolex(R) systems at sites currently operating CellPro Ceprate SC devices.
Previously, Judge McKelvie ruled that the two patents held by Johns Hopkins and licensed to Becton Dickinson and Baxter are valid, and are infringed by CellPro's Ceprate(R) SC Stem Cell Concentration System and its Ceprate LC34 Laboratory Cell Separation System.
In response to a press release issued by Baxter International, Richard Murdock, CellPro's president and chief executive officer, said, "Baxter's press release may have misled patients and clinicians to believe that notwithstanding its severe terms, the motion to enjoin would permit ongoing access to the CEPRATE SC System.
Cellpro's Ceprate SC Stem Cell Concentration System was
CellPro recently concluded a Phase III pivotal trial of its CEPRATE SC System for CD34+ stem cell transplantation in treating metastatic breast cancer.
Progenitor or parent cells will be isolated from patients' bone marrow with the CellPro CEPRATE SC System and then modified in laboratory test tubes to enable marrow cells to resist chemotherapy damage once they are returned to the patients.