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(sen'tĕr) [TA]
1. The middle point of a body.
2. A center of any kind, especially an anatomic center.
Synonym(s): centrum [TA] , centre.
3. A group of nerve cells governing a specific function.
4. A health care or therapeutic facility performing a particular function or service for people in the surrounding area.
Synonym(s): centre.
[L. centrum; G. kentron]
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(sen'tĕr) [TA]
1. The middle point of a body; loosely, the interior of a body, especially an anatomic center.
2. A group of nerve cells governing a specific function.
[L. centrum; G. kentron]
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However, Muharraq Northern Health Centre, Hamad Kano Health Centre, and Yousef Engineer Health Centre will remain open 24/7 throughout the month, expected to start on June 6, depending on the sighting of the moon.
Um Salal Health Centre, Al Daayen Health Centre, Al Karana Health Centre, Abu Nakhla Health Centre, Airport Health Centre, Messaimeer Health Centre and Al Gharafa Health Centre as well as all the Premarital Examination Clinics will remain closed today.
Ports centres climbed up by 13 centres to reach 64 land, air and sea customs centres compared to 51 previously.
"Friendship centres are very important as they are often the first point of contact for Aboriginal people arriving in urban centres," David Ramsay, the minister responsible for Aboriginal Affairs, said during his announcement of the funding on April 28.
Eighteen of the participants will work as rural development officers and the remaining five will provide technical support from the interactive Resource Centre in Guelph.
"The centres are geographically dispersed in the community," he says.
Life on the line: Call centres are pretty exciting, unless you're actually handling the calls.
TORONTO -- Quality is higher in non-profit child care centres than in commercial facilities, stated economists Gordon Cleveland and Michael Krashinsky.
With at least two established local call centres announcing plans to hire more employees this year, Sault College is starting up a customer service/call centre representative training program this month.
KITCHENER -- A network of 28 public Internet access centres in Kitchener-Waterloo, will be hosted by the Social Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo.
Kenora's position in central Canada makes it an attractive location for telemarketing companies looking to setup call centres, McCaffrey says.
"(The college) developed the program in anticipation of call centres being established in Northern Ontario," Rondeau says.

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